Hazrat Shah Bilawal Noorani & Lahoot Lamakan

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The shrine of Hazrat Shah Bilawal Noorani & Lahoot Lamakan are located in the west of Tira Hub stream in Distrci Lasbela. 



These sacred places are frequently visited by people of all school of thoughts, who pay homage to the two great sufis of the sub-continent.

The shrine of Shah Noorani is easily accessible by road, while Lahoot Lamakan which is further 8 Km ahead has a difficult approach. Devotes have to travel & cross seven mountains to reach this place. The other roué which is a little easy is where Iron Stairs have been erected to facilitate the comers.

It is said Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar also visited this place & stayed for some time.

The area in and around Shah Noorani & Lahoot Lamakan is filled with strange stones having shape of animals, reptiles etc. Fresh water streams are found in every nook & corner for devotes.

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